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La Spinetta-Cocito-Contratto

In the beginning of the 1960s, Giuseppe Rivetti, nicknamed ‘Pin’, and his wife, Lidia, were both expert and dedicated farmers with enormous appreciation and knowledge for tradition while keeping a curious interest in the future.

They exemplified humility, respect, as well as ambition. These are the values that still define the philosophy of La Spinetta.

In due course their children CarloBrunoGiorgio, and Giovanna took over the winery reins. We worked to implement the teachings of our parents. We were taught to have great respect for the territory, for the indigenous vines and for the Piedmontese land.

In 1977 the children, with the support of their parents, began the first production of their MoscatosBricco Quaglia and Biancospino. These would be some of the first single-cru Moscato to be produced in Italy.

Wijnen van La Spinetta-Cocito-Contratto